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T-Minus Spring Break Countdown 6.0

T-Minus Spring Break Countdown 6.0: T-Minus Spring Break Countdown Clock. Now you and your friends can count down th T-Minus Spring Break Countdown Clock. Are you excited about Spring Break? Now you and your friends can count down the time to the fun. You can play our "splash".

AllKeys Macro 2.601: Macro recorder and editor to automate tasks into simple commands
AllKeys Macro 2.601

break timer, and remap keys. With the easy-to-use mouse box, you can move through the screen, select items, drag and drop, and do all other major mouse actions with keyboard commands only. With the Work/Break Timer you can set your own break schedule and monitor use on the computer. Remap keys allows the user to switch any key to another location on the keyboard. Features of AllKeys 1) Macro record and playback 2) User friendly macro editor 3) Easily

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GeekAlarm! 2.0

GeekAlarm! is a unique way for you to keep track of when you should take a break while using your computer. By taking breaks you can increase your productivity, reduce eye strain, and allay fatigue. GeekAlarm! has varying degrees of break enforcement including passive, medium, and aggressive enforcement. This helpful utility is a must have for anyone that uses a computer for long periods of time.

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A Maze Race II 1.2.0: Use your intelligence and items to race against the computer.
A Maze Race II 1.2.0

In this game there will be a maze with a piece of food inside. You and the computer will control the red and green ladybugs respectively to get to the food before the other one does. There are 4 items that you can pick up and use them to your advantage: speed up; slow down computer; show route to food; and break wall. After taking the break wall item, you can press the spacebar to break a wall once. Use the arrow keys to move the bug around, if t

a maze race ii, race, maze, puzzle games

Ergotimer 2.1: Provides relief from repetitive stress problems with the break screen.
Ergotimer 2.1

Provides relief from repetitive stress problems by monitoring the mouse, the keyboard and the time spent at the workstation. When the programmable number of mouse clicks, keystrokes, or minutes occur, a break screen pops up and counts down your break time. A password enforcement option is also supported for ensuring that break time is not interrupted. Ambient Soothing Sound.

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Small Business Break-Even Analyzer 1.6: A free web site tool for business break-even analysis
Small Business Break-Even Analyzer 1.6

Cash flow rules the success or failure of a small business. There are a limited number of affordable tools out there to help businesses predict at what point their business will be financially succesfull. The Small Business Break-Even Analyzer takes some key measurements from a business plan and outputs an east-to-read table that tells the user at what point their investment in their small business will start to turn into profits.

small, even, calculator, buisiness, home, analysis, break

MS XLS Password Recovery 2.0: PDS MS XLS Password Recovery software easily remover MS Excel password.
MS XLS Password Recovery 2.0

PDS best MS XLS Password Recovery software has great capability to remove MS excel password and recover password from password protected MS excel file. With the help of MS XLS password remover tool you efficiently recover lost, forgotten, break, crack, find and unlock excel spreadsheet password. PDS recover excel password and break excel password tool successfully recover MS excel password from supported versions of MS excel- 2003/XP/2000/97.

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